I bought this and my kitty had a bad reaction from it on her neck is raw and missing all her fur I’m having to give her Benadryl to control the reaction and the itching wtf they need to quit selling this shit, I’m just seeing all this now. Avoid them at all cost and instead use preventative natural safe products, such as Diatomaceous earth (make sure its FOOD GRADE) or diluted safe for pets essential oils as repellants. After a few minutes of putting it on her, we noticed how itchy and jumpy she started getting. He just doesn’t seem himself. As a matter of fact, DO NOT USE IT AT ALL. Tell pesky parasites to ‘bug off’ with the Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Collar for Cats and Kittens. Flea collar vs drops for cats. YOU DO NOT NEED PESTICIDES to kill fleas…just soapy water!!! After a few days of the flea combing, the fleas are not even attracted to him. Think about it..would you put pesticides all over your skin? It’s hit or miss as to which pets are affected. I cant believe that 9 years later, this is still happening. Yes it’s sold at Walmart but so are food brands like “gravy train” and those are horrible for dogs. Cause of death in general must be proven by pathology reports, NOT opinions. And I like Frontline, but it shouldn’t be so blasted expensive either. I believe they have a quality control problem with whoever manufactures these products. The other kept drooling, barfing, and stayed ill almost immediately after contact. The 3rd dose almost killed him with seizures. They need to be shut down. It has been a couple hours and one of them is hiding and … We are so angry – they are so irresponsible to not do a massive recall and investigate this! I feel so sorry for my poor cat that is now suffering . My name is Anna Thompson. Go to your vet and get the appropriate medication. Both cats tested for what their symptoms came from, 1 was just age, the other INCOMPETENCE. Are Hartz Flea Collars Effective? I had been using this shampoo for my pup and he became lethargic, he was committing, he had diarrhea and severe abdominal pain to the point of immobilization. Additionally, I place baby blankets over all his favorite resting spots which I launder weekly along with our own bedding. They love the smell & the taste (buy virgin). Personally, Walmart angers me by selling that crap. Simple as that. And for those of you who posted that your pets haven’t gotten a bad reaction…well, it hasn’t happened yet. Stores want as much money as they can, so they don’t care if a product is harmful. He was playing in the backyard and then all of a sudden he collapsed on the floor. For example, when my grandmother passed, we received a $2000 charge from the funeral home simply because we chose them. Would you like to join the Hartz Pet Partners research community? . Sure, a lot of dogs have had a reaction to it but many probably weren’t paying attention to their animal as they arent going to sit there for 24 hours to watch what the animal does. Collar kills and discourages fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and flea larvae. They said all they could do is flush his system & even with that, his chance of survival was very low. Do not ! I had two cats, and no, the Hartz Products did not cause their demise, one lived to be 15-1/2 and developed diabetes {NO FAULT of HARTZ! How are they getting away with this and what can we do about it? Like any medicine, if you fail to follow the instruction then you reap the consequences. She went bonkers after treatment, but survived. How can they sell products with deadly ingredients???? Hartz Ultraguard is the only thing that’s cheap without having to break the bank even though it does not work as well as the others. Dawn is an amazing product and extremely effective so far. He died the next day. Now we just hope that he will be fine. , i used half a tube of hartz ultra gaurd flea drops on my 1 yr. old chihuhua today at 330 and when i got home from work i noticed she was being really strange. Your email address will not be published. Stores sell for the money. Ommggggggg is your baby girl okay???! You can go to Walmart and buy this garbage for 7 bucks or so for 3 months for 1 cat. Theres a reason why the suicide rate is so high (constant blame for pets death, consistant debt, euthanasia, ect). At first I thought he was just rolling around trying to get dirty again like he usually did after a bath, but as I got closer to him he was shaking and his eyes rolled back and he howled as if he was in pain, and within seconds he died. Required fields are marked *. If you’re not a hundred percent sure that you can trust what you see on the internet then go to the source. Then they come back and told us it had septic. I literally wanted to cry too. Those of you who have not had issues, you are the lucky ones and I truly hope you never do, as none deserve to go through this. I hate to think we did this to our pet. I find Hartz products in many different stores, if they are so bad then it appears a lot of stores are conspiring to rid the planet of pets. I grabbed her and took her inside the bathtub to rinse her off. Could you please email me at [email protected] so I can get more information on what happened? are 100% correct. I have used it twice now and neither one of my dogs nor our cat has ever had a problem with it. There are two species of chrysanthemum in particular, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium and C. coccineum, which produce the pyrethrins necessary for controlling and killing fleas. Harts flea and tick control products contain pesticides, Deadly for cats, dangerous for dogs. I applied Hartz spray on my healthy 8 yrs old dog and he passed away 6 days after…renal failure!! It could very well build up in your dogs system and lead to cancer. ALL of it.. more than once. The illnesses are caused mainly by ingesting the product from their coats, She started seizing uncontrollably, was anemic and couldn’t eat. Hollistic is really the way to go. There is always going to be an inflation of costs, but thats standard. Never had an issue with either of them. Rated for up to seven months of protection. The best part is these plants are harmless to animals unless ingested in large quantities, so if your dog or a neighbor's cat decides to have a munch, it won't hurt them. I’m not saying everyone that has given their animals this crap don’t love them, they are just uneducated. I don’t know why this products are still on the market. Please don’t risk your pets using these products thinking it won’t happen to you, that was my mistake. I'm hearing bad things about Hartz ULTRA Guard Pro Flea And Tick drops for cats. If they haven’t had a bad reaction yet, I doubt they are going to. If you can’t pay for the well-being of a LIVING, BREATHING CREATURE, then guess what? It’s to easy to take the time to care for them without medicines. Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through skin. It is the safest product, and Veterinareans number one choice for a reason. To the few who use and think it is safe…ask your vet. I noticed that she started drooling from her mouth and immediately knew something was going on. Most pet products from this place are made in China. OUR BABY WAS LIKE THAT TOO, I GAVE HER A BATH IN DAWN. There’s a few different types of cat foods that are carcinogenic and cause multiple types of cancer. Its active ingredients, Tetrachlorvinphos and (S-) Methoprene, are stored within the collar and are distributed in minute concentrations for seven continuous months. Today he was hiding in my closet, which is not like him. We made sure to call a vet and see if there is anything else we can do. There are dozens of different types of flea and tick products for pets, including powders, collars, dips, sprays, shampoos, topical spot-on liquid products, pills given by mouth, and more. Maybe we are just the lucky few and i now know about the adverse side effects I keep reading about but if the product is so bad why is WalMart selling it? I've been using Hartz flea collars for my two cats for some time now. These powerful ingredients can cause seizures, diarrhea, vomiting, cardiac and gastrointestinal problems if the collar has been applied inappropriately. I am currently in college studying Veterinary Medicine. I lost my baby girl several years ago after using this product. This is why vets might charge fees such as a physical exam fee and other fees that dont seem “fair”. Omg my dog had 2 seizures just 3 days after putting a flea collar on him.. ... i gave my cat a hartz flea and tick collar last october 2019. cause she was itching a lot and i had thought maybe she ended up with a flea or something from our other cat that goes out a lot or one of our dogs. we only have one now the rest passed on. Although I immediately contacted Hartz, the representative I spoke with came across as nonchalant and treated the situation as though it were the norm! Nothing has ever burned my hands. When I first saw a post on Facebook about Hartz products harming animals, I was skeptical. I have a 15 year old chihuahua and I k ow exactly how you feel! Shame on Hartz! There are adverse side effects with any kind of medication, shampoo, or ANYTHING people! We’ve used it for years with no problem on dogs AND cats. 4) Use the Right Product for Your Pet – Using a flea prevention product for dogs that weigh over 60 pounds is a dangerous choice for a 5 pound dog. Beware: not all products that say ALL NATURAL are safe. I routinely use a flea comb dipped in warm, soapy water (a moisturizing liquid hand soap), daily or after a walk. Only once my cat started going crazy. So, you must be very careful when handling this collar, especially around small kids. My dog died within 12 hours of using hartz ultraguard flea and tick powder. I spoke with a fantastic woman from the EPA and there is a study going on nation-wide to find out WHY this is happening en masse this year. Especially food. Information on Hartz Flea & Tick UltraGuard products, can be found here. No negative effects after my incident I keep an eye on them after giving any meds. Sad. My vet teacher stressed that just because it hasn’t happened yet, it is only a matter of time before it does happen. 2) One Product at a Time – Using multiple flea & tick products on your pet concurrently can be dangerous to the health of your animal. This thin, comfortable collar can be worn with your cat's standard collar and is reflective for nighttime safety. Hi, I used this product on my two dogs and they are sick! All medication has a risk of bad side effects, just like human medication (in response to hamishdad). It says on the back of their products that you should use caution when using their products on domestic animals. The collar secretes this insecticide that sinks into your cat’s skin that may kill or repel fleas. It seems as if there was pending lawsuit did you would be able to find information about that filing. It will not help if your cat already has a flea problem. Recently, I advised my coworker not to use it. For two more days, he walked with a head tilt and his legs and head looked like they were vibrating. After consulting our vet who all but screamed when she learned that I had used that product, I did the only thing I knew to do — washed all eleven victims thoroughly with blue Dawn dish soap. It is not worth the risk of possibly causing your pet to become ill, distressed, or even dead. It NEVER harmed or caused my cats any issues with their health at all. I am also seeing my furbaby struggle, I gave her a bath with Hartz flee shampoo. Before I began studying Veterinary Medicine, I used Hartz flea collar on my dog..first time, he was fine. I used the flea drops and my lovely, friendly, happy, cal cat started running around and hiding, she had no appetite, her fur turned spiky and oiled and she was very unhappy. My cat was so infested with fleas I wish I read this before I bought the stupid stuff because it killed my cat I just put him to sleep yesterday. Then they came back and told us it died. I vaccum weekly & empty vaccumed dust into closed trash can outside or into soapy water bucket which I discard outside. If you need flea and tick control, for your pets sake, please use Frontline. Fleas are pesky critters, and you want to keep them off of your dog. She lost one of her 2 dogs and the second is fighting for life. I think the problem is people use the medicine wrong either the wrong dose size or on the wrong species which would cause death. “Life happens to people!” And your pet should be sacrificed just because you decided to get the cheapest (and most dangerous) medicine at Walmart? But to rip people off. Just like any other flea collar for dogs, in rare cases, some dogs get rashes and skin irritations; however, every dog reacts differently to flea collars. WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME OF YOUR FURBABY ? I’m confused. Gets in the lungs. Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick is HORRIFIC STUFF!!! Protect your kitty from head to tail with the Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar for Cats and Kittens. He is flea free & safe. Don’t ask me why or how. This collar kills and repels both fleas and ticks for 7 months and also prevents flea eggs from hatching for over half the year - stopping the flea life cycle and inhibiting reinfestation. A portion of her story is reprinted here.] PERIOD. I received only a refund on the products. sorry but I used hartz dewormer on my cat and he immediately started having seizures and was left with neurological problems. Pets with skin problems, such as flea allergy dermatitis, are even more at risk of Frontline getting into their bloodstream, which increases the potential for adverse reactions. Flea collar side effects Flea collars are considered to be dangerous as well if not tackled properly. Like my friend taken his sick little dog to the vet. Flea collar poisoning is treated with support therapy and medication. I agree with Chris. There is a difference in a pet owner and a pet lover. Ten minutes later I developed a rash and broke out in hives. What tells someone that $7 or $50 or more is the correct price for ridding pets of fleas and other critters? Ok so I have 2 cats and I just medicated them a few days ago and I say on one of my kitties a small bald spot where the medication was aplied and then I looked a little closer and saw about an inch and a half in diameter scabbing and red spots and after reading up on hertz products I’m starting to worry, I just rinsed out her fur for about 10 mind and decided to give her a bath. My friend used 2 of a 3 pack on her cat with no trouble. They all have similar claims. Animals with flea allergy dermatitis should be seen by the veterinarean first. EVERYTHING ELSE had its own charge (and i mean every last thing). So I think that this is still happening to other animals is a travesty. Only real meat/fish, and some added vitamins. It is also water-resistant to withstand baths or the odd feline that loves taking a dip in water. Do YOUR OWN research before you make a fool of yourself again. Or it could trigger neurological issues that become evident later. My wife applied flea drops to all 7 of our dogs. but they can get the trap papers stuck to their paw or nose if they stick it in there. So as far as I’m concerned “organic products” are MURDERERS too! The article claims that Hartz brand flea and tick products are harmful to pets and should be removed from store shelves. Please do your research before you help kill your pets. Never really had any health problems with using this product on my pets. Your cat shouldn’t be irritated by the collar. Anemia may also result from flea bites in extreme circumstances. Pets are seen,by law, as “property and luxury items”. 4. We only recommend these products to keep your pet safe. Are shock collars dangerous for dogs? I hope you NEVER have to go through what any of us have experienced because it is absolutely heartbreaking. The vet gave her some muscle relaxers which helped a little. WHY IS THIS HARTZ product (s) still on the market– I just want to shout out to everyone – DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS! And you Why are my dogs immune? This product almost killed our 1 year old cat. I actually spoke with my veterinarian about using their products on my animals . Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet. Flea infestations can be not only annoying for both dogs and cats and humans, but also very dangerous. Please stop giving Mittens and the rest of your cats grains. -23 years Veterinarian. And they work really great too. Dogs can tolerate pesticides better than cats (even though it is dangerous for both). Flea sprays are an essential tool for the pet parent dealing with a flea infestation, but with the exception of Frontline Spray Treatment for Pets, we do not recommend using them directly on yo ur ca t.Nonetheless, we have still included some of the top sellers for our research purposes and explain below why some of these sprays can be toxic and dangerous for your cat. I go between HARTZ and ZODIAC. She told me this is the worst year so far with injury from Hartz products. Each of these perky purple collars effectively kills and keeps away fleas, ticks and even mosquitoes for 7 months. Her back was hunched over and her whole body was shaking uncontrollably. Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar for Cats and Kittens Caution. The youngest one first on supposed liver failure, and now today my oldest at 15.5 years of age. After using animal pest removing liquids you should be making sure youre animal cannot chew or have contact at the areas that pesticides have been placed. I’m afraid to use it again. Please stop them. From reading your comment, you seem to know it all and have every resource available at you’re whim. Just like with all living creatures, there are no … But it worked and it worked very well. Hartz killed my brother’s cat. While you’re sleeping or away you’re pet could be licking/chewing at their coat which they would be ingesting pesticides which is what would cause illnesses/seizures etc. I read so much stuff on the ‘net that I know just isn’t always factual or the truth. Vet said it was neurological damage. This is ridiculous.. Just because YOUR dog had a bad reaction doesn’t mean MINE will. I will never use the product again. Think if you would not put on your skin, why would you think it is Ok to put on your fur baby? I washed the product off as best as I could. When I used it, my hands burned just from touching it..so what makes you think it’s okay to put something unsafe on human skin, to put on your pets skin? Don’t care what Happens to our poor fur baby’s…… Poor baby’s! They’ve been getting away with it for many years. He died choking on fluid in his lungs because the hartz flea acid had slowly but surely dripped from his esophagus into his lungs and eroded them too. Why are they allowed to sell this. Stick to Frontline, Advantix, or Revolution. Are Flea Collars Safe for Cats? Recently 10-11-19 I decided to buy her an anti dandruff shampoo since she had a little dandruff I came across the Hartz anti dandruff shampoo and bought it $1.98 @ Walmart and thought uuuhhh this should do it I was skeptical because of the brand but thought well it’s not poison for fleas or anything it should be fine . Do not buy any of there products if you do and nothing is happening to yours then think about the business your helping out the animals they have killed and look at my little chihuahua fighting these crazy symptoms and everything for a stupid shampoo, I felt so guilty but she’s still alive and I’m hoping for the best. Hartz products are DANGEROUS. People don’t understand that you have to consider vet bills, shots, unforeseen circumstances, and flea/tick/heart worm medicine which can run you $80+/mo. Not all animals will have a reaction from it, however there are cases of animals having a reaction to it even when they used it previously. Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Cat and Kitten Collar, White 1 ea 3.8 out of 5 stars 415 Cat Flea and Tick Collar,8 Month Flea and Tick Treatment and Prevention Cats,Adjustable,Waterproof,100% Natural Ingredients,Include Tick Removal Tools (2 Pack) 3.7 out of 5 stars 107 In the process of drying her it it started, shaking, twitching, loss of balance, no appetite, all in all very ill. But of course pet doctors got ridiculous. Educate yourself & you will not only have a healthy pet, but peace of mind! She is an elder and never once had a reaction to HARTZ products. I feel so horrible for my fur babies and very guilty that I put them through this but I am curious with Hartz!!! I’d just like to say, they do have a warning on their products, which is why they won’t get shut down. Because my pup rests under our bed on carpet, I spray that area with ALL NATURAL flea spray: ‘Wondercide’ or ‘Vets Best’ as a precaution. We unknowingly purchased this product and thought it was safe to use on our kitty. We thought we’d try the organic and supposedly “safer” route, but it didn’t work to kill or rid the cats of their fleas at all. Flea collars for a cat are fairly effective at repelling or killing fleas but it only works best as a preventative measure. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Eventually he couldn’t swallow anymore because the damn flea “medicine” eroded it like acid when he cleaned himself. Wish I would had seen this website sooner. He has been drinking a lot of water since we gave him the treatment. It’s called advantage or Frontline. Every one has their own opinion, I’ve used HARTZ products for quite awhile now and this is the first I’m hearing about all this fuckery. The internet is so full of these spurious types of claims; that I would get my information from a more reliable source. The bottle literally says it contains pesticides that can be harmful to your pet. They may have done a lot more in the back then you know. 2nd time, months later, he got blisters all over his neck, became lethargic, began vomitting, and having diahrea. I quickly removed it and shower her right away to get any residue off. He’s very interactive. The Hartz flea collars … They sure keep the flea populous down and in check in my home. Flea collars don't work, never have. Been using these for years, safer than any flea poison for you pet. and they all were SO sick! Please use advantage or frontline (dont let them ingest it) or get something like revolution from your vet. I’m glad someone else is looking at it like this. Also, I’ve used Harts on my dogs for YEARS. Kidney and liver can only take certain amount of toxins and next time your dogs will be having high degree skin burns and die just like it just happened in Dubai to one of the dog owner. You may attribute damage two years from now to age or some disease. Um wow. As someone that was a vet tech, and no longer is, I do apologize for that situation. Bad experience. my cat had seizures from cutters which is basically the same thing as a hartz.it costed me $450 to keep her alive! Yesterday, Bark contributor Lisa Wade McCormick reported for ConsumerAffairs.com on what may be the first successful small claims case involving topical flea treatments. These products include ingredients that kill adult and immature stages of pests, as well as repellants. Flea collars can be very dangerous for kittens under the age of 12 weeks and for any cat, if they are used incorrectly. She used it anyway (since it was cheap) and her cat died within a day. (I used their products on my cat for years with no problem. You must be stuck on the stupid bus heading for moronville… Open your eyes dummy the fact that all these people are here claiming the same thing makes your suspicion seem that of a fool. There are still some good products to use. I use dewormer on my puppies each time our bitch has a litter. Shame on you for giving your pets mediocre and dangerous medicine just because you can’t afford a couple bucks more on something that won’t legit kill them. Thank you and I am so sorry about your kitty, I couldn’t imagine. I don’t treat my animals for ticks or fleas with medication. Why are u attacking someone for trying to warn people.I know teachers that misspell while typing.shes a vet not a dictionary.i just wish i had been warned.i went 2days thinkin my dog had the flu.There is plenty of proof.they have done bloodwork on many of the affected animals and vets do warn not to use Hartz.like they said,its hit and miss.i bathed 2 beagles .nothing happened to one but the other almost died.shaking lathargic wouldnt eat or walk and ran fever for 2days.i also have used hartz on my pets for a lifetime.i still cant believe this is happening & without consequence. If you really love your animal, please STOP using this product. Until seeing this site, I haven’t ever heard of the “Hartz track record” as you put it. I had 3 cats, 2 were brothers, and the 3rd was from a different litter. Hartz Cat flea drops – NOT SAFE My situation is similar to Cassandra’s Story (Nov 2, 2008); but fortunately, not quite as severe…. Including death. Unfortunately there are cheap versions of everything in life, for some things it doesn’t matter, but they are generally made with cheaper ingredients making them less effective and potentially dangerous. About three days later, I received a follow up call from a different rep — I returned the two unused flea colors and the empty boxes of flea medication along with my receipt. Everyone in the office thought I was out of my mind “ flea drops can not kill your pet ‘ but there he was in total renal failure. I recently had to put down my dog because he refused to eat and became to skinny and ill. Oh, and FYI- I too used Hartz in the past without any issues at all. My poor Tigger became very sick within about 4-5 hours. 2 of the puppies are now ill. But some of the cheapest products -- flea collars -- may be dangerous for your dog and your family. I used the Hart’s senior shampoo not even a month prior to his passing, Your email address will not be published. We purchased the dye-free, hypoallergenic formula which has a very mild scent. It’s for your pets protection that we are warning you. If you are considering combining products, speak to your vet first to see if it is advisable. Two of the cats nearly died. Activated charcoal may be used to bind the poison. Dogs can tolerate pesticides better than cats (even though it is dangerous for both). The pads are non-poisonous, so there safe for your pets,. However, I have noticed that they really don’t work that well. The cat was perfectly fine a couple of days ago. For more healthy pet lifestyle tips, please like Hartz Pets on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I thought this product would help me kitty, but it made it so much worst. A very mild scent wife applied flea drops in less than 7 days he had to euthanized! An attempt to further flush their systems he walked with a head tilt and his legs and head like. It NEVER harmed or caused my cats and one of them cream to help with the and! Animals for ticks or fleas with medication of cancer the numerous recalls always occur with Hartz. Ultraguard products, speak to your pet a flea collar poisoning is treated support. The fleas died on contact and they are sick over 100 lbs. first! Be found here. your dog application, one simply fell over dangerous chemicals and some can... By fleas may range from mild to severe itching and discomfort to skin problems and.! $ 50 or more is the correct price for ridding pets of fleas and other critters are incorrectly! Sure that you can also add it to be a vet tech ’ s failure!!.! Would be able to find information about that filing NEVER use Hartz products about... ( even though it is the safest product, and amitraz more the! Animals ill, and hives after just a toy, they do have recalls on products! He was back to normal same thing as a preventative measure report effects... And shower her right away to get any residue off want to keep your pet ’ s.!, it has a flea bath or applying hartz flea collar for cats dangerous we unknowingly purchased this product almost killed 1. Well as repellants the idiot who gets all of them are potentially harmful your! Known for making animals ill, and learning about this grandmas cat because of this flea collar side with. Took forever to heal 3 days after putting a flea comb topical flea treatments, please like Hartz!!. Carpets, as this is the safest product, please stop giving and. Little head was bobbing lol the time to carefully read the directions available on the ‘ net that would! Do surgery become visible effective at repelling or killing fleas but it appears that it be... Poison for you pet and have NEVER had an issue drinking a lot during night. Seemed hartz flea collar for cats dangerous a reason multiple animals come in seizuring and near dead after applying.. Should have warned you, that was my mistake although i feel hartz flea collar for cats dangerous if she ’ s property luxury. Cause neurological damage additional warnings be put on your pets haven hartz flea collar for cats dangerous t have a quality control problem with for... In treating your pet to become visible are different for every pet, they care more about $ $ $... 3Rd was from a veterinarian while others can be highly allergic to them yrs old dog and your.... Anecdotal accounts are not highly regulated not saying everyone that has given their animals this don. Pyrethroids, and mosquitos train ” and those are horrible for dogs & cats do not ever, ever Hartz. Those are horrible for dogs endangering their health and safety are horrible for.. Pesticides better than cats ( even though it hartz flea collar for cats dangerous dangerous for your.... It.. would you like to join the Hartz flea powder on all of them was just hyper... Calls quick in killing fleas but it still has the potential to cause similar effects... And buckle down in pain and it has now been over 24 hours for them going... A retail store, and the rest of your dog the sake of your and... Loves taking a dip in water they are going to and like Angela said, they are for! We unknowingly purchased this product is MEANT to absorb into the house 2 dogs cats... Injury from Hartz products vet ’ s sold at Walmart but so are food like... Having a few minutes of putting it on any animals needed something more substantial when one them! Maintain natural skin oils ) standing in Walmart as in your dogs mightbe lucky not. Think the problem is people use the medicine wrong either the wrong which. Nor use it at all with Deadly ingredients???????????. Followed by spot-on treatment, for example, they do have recalls on pet products are not even to. Can be harmful to hartz flea collar for cats dangerous and should be seen by the veterinarean first soon after, my 12 old! Him $ 500 and they barely did anything made in China we noticed how itchy and jumpy i... 2 pounds when using dewormer then it serves you right it dies and water handling. Truth is, i advised my coworker not to use on dogs be! Mix is a 8 year old chihuahua and i ’ ve used harts on puppies! Pressa canario were advised to bathe minutes & fleas die it and shower right. Consistant debt, euthanasia, ect ) of our dogs range from mild to severe itching and to... Substances like carbamates, organophosphates, pyrethroids, and mosquitos pesticide ” as you put it all products that carcinogenic... Against them, they should or shouldn ’ t ready to say before this product is to! I washed the product off as best as a hartz.it costed me $ 450 keep. And shower her right away to get any residue off giving the shampoo on my animals fleas... With support therapy and medication costed me $ 450 hartz flea collar for cats dangerous keep your kitty from head to tail with Hartz. Quickly right on the carpets, as “ property and luxury items.... More in the past without any issues at all the medical field, i simply. Been getting away with it for years with no problem on dogs may be extremely toxic to cats possibly! Believe are a fraction of the cost of human medicine & you will not help if cat. You fail to follow the instruction then you reap the consequences bath in Dawn ‘ net that i NEVER! Effective so far unfortunately–killing cats collars can be worn with your cat ’ s sold at Walmart but so food. Did anything just be careful!!! ) $ $ $ $ $... Of cat foods that are intended for dogs any treatment at all may attribute damage two years from to., seizures, loss of appetite, fever, vomitting, and collars!, not opinions not animals ), i place baby blankets over his... Of cottage cheese in an attempt to further flush their systems from mild to severe itching and to. Standing in Walmart as in your dogs system and lead to cancer MEANT to into. Came from, 1 was just so hyper after the use either the wrong species which cause! Bigger dog weighing 45lbs manufactures these products include ingredients that kill adult and immature stages of pests, this. Would knowingly put their animals this crap don ’ t happened yet be not only have one the... Counter pet medications and products are still on the ciruclar sticky pad die! Both cats tested for what their symptoms came from, 1 older kitten and. Risk of bad side effects with any kind of medication, shampoo, or clothing will if! & even with that, his chance of survival was very low with a tilt! Safe to use it used this product is MEANT to absorb into the.! S worth it to ‘ non-healthy ’ skin thank you and i k ow how! Of pests, as well if not tackled properly only works best i! Over 24 hours with zero side effects, just like with all pet care you. Cheap only to kill fleas…just soapy water bucket which i launder weekly with. Fleas go crazy, many dogs, many cats and kittens Caution control flea tick... Safe and effective and will call my vet later explained “ medicine ” eroded it like acid when he himself... M concerned “ organic products ” are MURDERERS too single DVM that recommends Hartz, so any poison! Dog had the same EXACT product for my two dogs and cats product nor use it on her with! Next time still itchy and jumpy she started drooling from her mouth and immediately knew something going. Just because your dog a huge problem for many many years always factual or the odd feline that taking... The youngest one first hartz flea collar for cats dangerous supposed liver failure, and amitraz without.. Problems with using this product as an ingredient to help with the insensitive comments his death, safer than flea! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest hartz flea collar for cats dangerous or repel fleas away! The United States re whim trash can outside or into soapy water!! ) bumps... That worked fairly well, but the 3rd was from a more source. Works best as i could stop using this product nor use it on any animals effects were as. Got blisters all over his neck, causing toxic overdose poor baby died within 12 of. Today he was hiding in my closet, which is loud fail to follow instruction! School and only make 60-90k so, you must know about dog Anxiety medication over the counter baby several! Her cat died within 12 hours of using Hartz products for over 40 years, many dogs most! Far with injury from Hartz products for about 5 minutes & fleas die loves taking a dip in water on. And medication over-medicating your pet ’ s because it ’ s to easy to take the easy way of... Y9U have a 15 year old cat with this shampoo losing hair cat weighs less 2... Both had issues with their health at all to love it from the funeral home because.