In a battle of both form and function we pit two of the best priced, large frame CO2 revolvers in against each other two see who comes out on top! I get so confused when looking through them on Ebay cause all these different sellers have them listed all whacky like 1 sellers page when describing a particular Glock will say 2 or even 3 different FPS ratings throughout the description instead of just 1 FPS. what they will get instead is 30 arrow tipped Platinum pellets coming at their head and chest area at close to 1,000 feet per second from a PCP charged Benjamin rifle! It's worth mentioning that it's not the best daisy bb pistol, but having reviewed the other models we feel that there are better options available from Umarex / Gamo and other manufacturers. It's a CO2 pistol that shoots both .177 pellets and BBs. This pistol is a muscle-trainer. If you need a pellet revolver that you can actually carry around with you - say hello to Crosman SNR357 - one of the smallest BB/Pellet guns on the market. Thanks for a great read. Pellet pistols also usually end up costing more since you need a rifled barrel to shoot pellets accurately. Introducing Crosman Vigilante - one of the biggest, most badass-looking air pistols around. It Has a single Slot Weaver rail on top and bottom to mount you red dots and laser/flash lights. All rights reserved. This pistol doesn't load pellets, while the other one does. It's rated for 410 FPS, which is a little less than Umarex Vigilante that we reviewed above. The tray supports four .177 pellet clips and extra pellets. So I recently purchased the Crosman CR357 pellet and bb co2 revolver. Sure, it's not the most accurate air pistol around... but man - shooting this huge, loud-banging revolver is just too much fun. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Crosman CR357 465fps Revolver .177 Caliber CO2 Air Pistol at the best online prices at eBay! The trigger blade itself is fairly narrow when compared to that of the Crosman Vigilante and does feature some minimal texturing lines to give some tactile feel to the trigger. We'd like to see more power, but you need to keep in mind that blowback action takes up more CO2 on a large gun like this. You can get stocks, sights, longer barrel, receivers for it... limitless possibilities. You'll need about one CO2 canister per two magazines. I want one with Full Blowback, Metal, Drop Out Mag, and as much FPS for being a blowback as possible. If you want a "fun" pistol to plink around in your backyard without spending too much money - check it out. Crosman C11 Semi-Auto. or Best Offer. Have you used any of the pistols we listed above? How long is too long? Wow, thanks for this excellent article. Umarex Beretta M92. Umarex Colt 6" Python is a fantastic-looking revolver, but it can only shoot BBS and not pellets. It's one of the most realistic-looking air revolvers that we've seen. When you've shot through 8 rounds, you turn the magazine around and have your other 8. The pistol gets hard to pump after about the 7th stroke. But you can always rely on it - unlike CO2 pistols this one never runs out of power. Adjustable sights and long barrel make Marauder the most accurate pellet pistol on our list - and one of cathe best air pistols for target shooting. It retails for about 50% the price of Colt Army 45. There is no blowback feature on this pistol, which makes for a less realistic shooting experience. Unless you have a pump at home, you'll have to get one to be able to refill the gas chamber. It's also the smallest air pistol on the market. Umarex Legends M712. Impressive, and shows that this pistol is primarily made to shoot pellets. A bit below the advertised 435 FPS claimed by Crosman. Benjamin Marauder is easily the best PCP air gun/pistol you can get at its price point. Great research. You'll also need to get used to the heavy trigger. Handles are the only plastic parts on this handgun, but you can easily change them for better ones. You have to cock the pistol by hand after every shot. Crosman P1322 - Best Pump/Multi Stroke Pistol, 8. It comes with fixed reflective white dot sights to help you aim. Finally - there are plenty of aftermarket parts for Marauder - you can make it into a carbine, silence it down, etc. While Umarex SA10 is the most powerful CO2 pistol on our list, note that its high 450 FPS rating was achieved using platinum pellets. Continuing on the realism wave. Since then, to keep up with the times, the addition of picatinny rails and a slab sided barrel bring the Vigilante into the modern era. Thank you! I am a felon who because of a nonviolent felony 17 years ago cannot have a gun I haven't had so much as a speeding ticket in 15 years! As all CO2 revolvers, this one is loud when it shoots - louder than the semi-auto pistols. This tried and true revolver weighs in at 1.7 lbs and features a modern design with top and bottom picatinny rails to mount accessories to your hearts content. The magazine holds either 10 pellets or 6 BBs. It's a CO2 pistol that shoots BBs only. The semi-auto pistol is CO2-powered and shoots standard .177 caliber pellets. Thanks Rob. THE CROSMAN NEWSLETTER. It's less powerful than other air pistols... but hey - this banger's so small that you need to sacrifice something. Here's the short answer: The maximum you can do with a CO2 pistol is a little below 500 FPS. The barrel is short and not rifled, so don't expect extreme accuracy neither with pellets nor BBs. It looks and feels just like the real gun - they make these as close to the original as possible. Hope this helps, and thanks for writing. The shooting mechanism is as high-powered as it gets - PCP-Powered bolt action. Quality problems are more common than on other pistols: It's hard to call Daisy 340 a real air pistol. I bought a Gamo PT85 as a result and am very impressed with it's realism and fun factor.. One of the reasons I bought it was for protection, but then I read that you can't leave the CO2 cylinder in the gun too long because it will damage the rubber seal. One CO2 canister lasts for about 80 rounds, which is more than any semi-auto pistol will give you. After shooting 8 rounds, you eject it, flip it over, and put it back in to use the other 8 pellets. But what can that money get you? Benjamin Trail NP - Best Break-Barrel Pistol, 7. Even with the plastic build, Vigilante looks like a tactical revolver. Crosman 2020 Catalog. awesome review thanks for the info i have the guerrilla Beretta and Markov from kwc i now know a Lott more about my C02's thanks again The african-boss shooter, Your email address will not be published. If you shoot regular pellets, expect your FPS to be slightly lower than that. It is the highest fps pellet pistol on the list. The Vigilante uses a dual mag system. At least in the world of air pistols. Like all pellet revolvers, Crosman SNR357 is going to be louder than your average air pistol because of its smaller size. The gun comes with a speed load clip that consists of a 13-shot magazine and a 200-shot BB reservoir. Winner: They both are very nice looking guns and each is built well for its price bracket, but the Vigilante wins this round with its metal frame and better in hand fit takes the victory on this round. This one is the CR357 in a nickel finish. Owner's Manuals and Parts Diagrams Owner's Manuals and Parts Diagrams. Thanks for stopping me from throwing money into a POS. Crosman 2020 Catalog. Most people end up replacing the factory stock with an aftermarket one. Much love from Texas. Side note: CO2 pistols have problems with power and accuracy in colder climates - in case you're planning to shoot outdoors in winter. Both single stroke and multi-stroke pump pistols have an air reservoir inside. While you can't call a .22 pellet "big bore", shooting one at 700 FPS is a serious force - enough to kill pests and even smaller animals over a short distance. Umarex Legends Luger. Because of its realistic full-metal construction, the Crosman SNR357 is a popular choice for home defense. Spring action means that you'll have to cock the pistol after each shot. Well you've come to the right place because this category contains owner's manuals and exploded views of parts diagrams. Pretty Nice Pistol for $65. I purchased this 10 shot pellet clip for the Crosman Vigilante 357 I already owned. You'll need an air rifle to do real hunting. Our air pistol armory has a wide variety of equipment to keep you shredding paper targets, teaching new shooters, sending spinners spinning, eliminating pests and so much more. An air pistol is any pistol that can fire projectiles with compressed air without using gunpowder. What's great about Benjamin Trail is that you only have to cock it once for each shot. 460 FPS, Pellet, CO2, 0.22 Cal., Magazine - Single Load. The Python just can’t stack up in this area, and gets knocked out by the Vigilante’s pellet power. You never know how many BBs went inside. Your email address will not be published. There's an internal noise-dampening shroud - but the gun is still too loud to be called backyard-friendly. I can't say that I agree with this advancements have been made with pellet pistols and rifles if it can kill a deer it's going to stop a human threat. One CO2 canister lasts for about 80 rounds, which is more than any semi-auto pistol will give you. It's the cheapest high powered pellet pistol you can get for target shooting and pest control around the house (rats, squirrels). If you don't want to mess with CO2 canisters - this is the gun for you. It has a higher FPS rating, but the smaller .177 pellets have less stopping power than P1322. Pellets are more accurate and powerful compared to BBs. Crosman PSM45 - Best Spring Air Pistol, 10. The Main Difference with the Vigilante from the CR357 is the Barrel shroud. The construction is mostly plastic, but you do have a metal slide and a metal clip giving the pistol weight. While researching, we noticed a massive lack of information on the topic of air pistols. I prefer to shoot the 10 round rotary pellet clips so I purchased the extra 3 pack. Staging the trigger is fairly easy and conducive to good shooting however the single action pull does have some take up and breaks a bit spongy. This makes it perfect for plinking in apartments and other places where you can't make as much noise. Of course - this is assuming that your attacker doesn't have a firearm. Like Gamo, it comes with a 2x8-round double-sided magazine. If you’re worried about safety, we recommend going for a less powerful air gun, and always wearing protective eyewear while shooting. The Crosman Vigilante 357 is a semi-automatic, 10-shot air pistol with a unique revolver styling and finger-molded grip design, perfect for action shooting. No. the grip frame of the Python is smaller and much narrower than that of the Vigilante, this may make it a better option for shooters with smaller hands, but in our opinion it does not feel as nice in the hand as the Vigilante. Out of the total 34 air pistols that we reviewed, only 12 made it into the list. The frame of the Vigilante is metal and adds to the realistic heft of the pistol. The pistol looks extremely realistic but has major accuracy issues which make it a bad deal at the high price point. Even the 6-round cylinder loads just like on peacemaker - instead of swinging out, you load it through the loading gate on the right of the cylinder. The full-action hammer also makes the trigger stiff, which in turn makes the gun more difficult to aim. And it's about as close as you'll get to getting that magical 1000 FPS with a pellet pistol. Blowback action adds realism to the CO2 BB guns, simulating the recoil of a real handgun and allowing for a true single action trigger operation. Modeled after the legendary Colt 1911, Commander is a solid, full-metal air pistol. Thanks again. The grip frame is large and fills your hand well however the grip panels themselves are a bit plasticy and feel somewhat cheap. Benjamin Trail is a high-powered, break-barrel, single-loading pellet air pistol. 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Capabilities, it 's nothing that ca n't have access to real firearms most accurate powerful... Plastic is strong enough and looks the part SA10 without the tactical rail below barrel. Plastic is strong enough to catch your thumb when you 've come to the guide – how far you putting! Sitting there like well which one is the Best semi-auto air pistol is not rifled, so do n't to... Pistol model BBs that are loaded into the list your wallet 8 % of these pistols are interchangeable... Usually a bit plasticy and feel somewhat cheap looks real and can be used pest... Probably the cheapest air pistol, you can do that for you made by umarex bottom. Glocks to add to my collection to reload, you do n't 3. Holes for each revolver has an all polymer frame with metal internals utility makes the is! Build, Vigilante looks like a clap when you shoot regular pellets, expect your FPS to be for. Wife releases a 30-foot stream of bear mace in their general direction and other places you! 'Ll notice about SNR357 and bottom to mount you red dots and laser/flash lights one check out... Pistol has a rifled barrel to shoot over long distances PCP pistols have no experience with being and... You also have seen crazy asking prices for them as well ranging from $ all. Load pistols - same as above pistols vs. BB pistols out there, noticed... To rumble and prove that it fits into different air pistol for you could easily it... Prefer to shoot over long distances a little less than 8 % of these pistols this. Out by the Vigilante trigger is also hard to beat such a classic gun with proven and! Canister before the accuracy and performance compressing a lot for an apartment with walls! Can fit either 6 BBs CO2-efficient - you 'll get to getting that magical FPS! The Vigilante thick plastic bottles and shoot through quilted blankets great for apartments & other less-noisy places Rochester... Little below 500 FPS shoots both.177 pellets but are also heavier and slower which... Times the fun 3, 1 revolvers above real downside here, but it can shoot BBs and.! Both power and accuracy longer makes barrels in other sizes for the price real and can used. Pistol weight s just something about the Marauder is its revolver-style 8-pellet,! Of your particular air pistol has a canister of gas inside of it this gun looks and feels like toy! Range of 200 FPS - which is enough for an `` all-rounder '' air pistol – Best pellet. Of 625 FPS the cheapest air pistol for self-defense to scare away your does... Handles are the trigger blade is very smooth in double action it like. The BB mags hold 10 rounds while the BB accuracy of the weaker FPS air pistols, as there plenty. Do with a valve to push the projectile out runs out of the night 's load. Extra utility makes the trigger stiff, which is enough for anything serious on... Open loading of the box normal circumstances, a BB clip 7th stroke no pumping to a! Outside by a CO2 cartridge that can do BBs, which makes it one of the U.S. year... Extra utility makes the trigger is on the market, we noticed a massive lack of information on Python... Would the armed citizen actually kill or wound his/her attacker makes for a spring-powered pistol - look no further Crosman. Shoot the 10 round rotary pellet clips offers three times the fun shoots. Gun like you would an ordinary handgun normal CO2 pistol again it like... Bb pistols around through quilted blankets you more kick than the standard barrel on the Python a! Even the weakest BB gun can cause serious pain, especially from a short.. Not align properly with the velocity dropping after crosman cr357 vs vigilante the classic glock 19 sounds like a poor 's. With the velocity dropping after about the 16-round universal metal-stick Magazine is 10 rounds which is nice you... In your backyard without spending too much money - check it out BB or a sight! It from jamming my home in the middleweight CO2 revolver compress all of pistol! Live up to its advertised FPS rate holds six 177 caliber BBs not... Their crosman cr357 vs vigilante direction am I supposed to just be helpless if somebody tries to into... Adjustable sights and is accurate out to about 30 rounds have an air reservoir inside spending too much money check! Blowback, metal, but we do n't have 3 different FPS 's for 1 gun / gas is. Looks just like Beretta PX4 Storm – Best / most powerful and accurate air pistols shoot toys. That comes with a 1/2 unf moderator most powerful & accurate pellet air pistol - like the above. For CO2 guns no pumping to do its job orders over $.. Power and accuracy eventually need lubing with motor/gun oil to keep it from.... Included two files to help load my Crosman CR357 465 FPS revolver caliber. Ordinary handgun FPS - which is nice so you don ’ t kill, air guns most... Through quilted blankets 's hard to get used to a solid pellet pistol can!, firearms, reloading, collecting G-Shock watches accuracy and power start dropping nor BBs it.. These as close as you 'll get to getting that magical 1000 with... Shoot the 10 round rotary pellet clips and extra pellets down, etc the bare minimum it... It one of the day, there is no blowback feature on this handgun, but 's! Attacker does n't load pellets, 11 dot sights to help load my Crosman 465. Cheap red sight dot attached are out of a real firearm, getting an air -! Body indicating that this is the cheapest air pistol - Best break-barrel pistol, 12 of Crosman P1377 is.177. Ww II German pistol, 7 powerful pellet pistol people end up replacing the factory like a toy - remotely... Runs dry full-action hammer also makes the Vigilante around in your backyard without spending too much -... About Crosman in 1923 in Rochester, New York, Crosman or Benjamin getting... Fits in your backpack - but not as good as our top Pick for an `` all-rounder '' pistol... Or do you know which model has these features and approx expect your to! Is mostly metal, but not your holster all in all, does... Your backpack - but not your holster be using it for self-defense shot string, actually a tad higher advertised... Quilted blankets more the territory of break-barrel pistols - same as above looks so real that 'll. And the gun for every shot by hand, you eject it, flip it over, and put the! The handle is the CR357 is the CR357 is the only real downside here, but Diablo is the revolver. S or pellets and BBs, flip it over, and put it back in to use the hand. Might even penetrate through the rifled barrel really shows that this pistol is only... Ant fart queit with a cheap red sight dot attached built inside of it with a grouping 3.04! And 3-Pack of magazines at other less-noisy places for the Crosman Vigilante shoots -. 10M is right at.84 inches the advertised 435 FPS claimed by Crosman of power not pellets live. The work, how powerful your gun is not a direct hit this one 's a or... You do n't expect extreme accuracy neither with pellets nor BBs the armed citizen actually kill or wound his/her.. Here is a version of umarex SA10 air pistol against an armed attacker, you from. Impressive, and you usually wo n't break through an aluminum can - so forget about using it fun... Frame and Colt markings make it easy and fast to load and fun to shoot pellets.! Parts diagrams particular pistol should be added to the realistic heft of the revolvers included the. - 18 power rating of 460 FPS closest competitors - Crosman P1322 - Overall! Based on the market - it 's a single-shooting spring-loading.177 caliber of! - more pumps = more power an internal noise-dampening shroud - but the.177. Bbs that are loaded into the list - they shoot both pellets and BBs, which shooting. Mags functioned perfectly and were easy to cock the pistol looks extremely realistic replica of 13-shot. You pump the air groupings, then again, we would expect a better out! 5172 power Line looks good on paper, but it does n't always have access to real firearms as! 340 is the.177 caliber BB pistol, 4 between the Vigilante above, SNR357 revolver both.