What do you think? If you don’t have a way to grind the chia seeds, try soaking them whole before adding. (But not so enticing! The only problem is, she said it’s too “seedy” (she’s not a fan of the chia seed texture). Any other suggestions to make it a bit sweeter/saltier? :) Thanks! I can’t eat dates. It didn’t make sense to me as the pan is square, sorry for the confusion! My fiancé has been struggling with digestive issues for a while and after doctors had no clue after running a million test we have decide to really clean up our diet and cut out sugars and processed foods. It is so nice that your recipes are easily adaptable. Shopee Cashback Tuesday, All have been great! I am looking forward to the newsletter. Also, when I tuck them some where not too obvious the kids know they are good and munch away. How To Barbecue With Charcoal, Also, I only had about 1/4 cup of chia seeds left so I filled it out with flax seeds, and it worked out well. The recipe looks awesome! Acreages For Rent Near Regina, Super quick and easy :) I’m a college student and bars are definitely my go-to snacks to carry around. Or where do you purchase them? Chocolate Chip No Bake Granola Bar Recipe. These are so moist and delish…I was nomming away as soon as they cooled. Orchid Species List, and of carbs, please? I was intending to use them for your Rolo knock-offs ages ago, but I waaaaaay oversoaked the dates and now have a sticky goo (even straight out of the freezer). Hello Angela,i want to know if i can try this recipe with a rectangular baking dish(8 X 12 inch) as i don’t have an 8 x 8,also i would be thankful if u can throw some light on the quantity of ingredients to be slashed for a 7 inch pan in case the 8 X 12 is not suitable. Plus, they keep her from getting “hangry” in the afternoon–a bonus for everybody!! Sheridan Deluxe Dream 2 In 1 Quilt, Thank you, Angela, for this wonderful recipe! Hi Amanda, Oh you can refrigerate them too – they should last at least a week if not longer in the fridge :). Almond butter? This oats and granola bar is one such snack that will not just help you take care of your hunger pangs, but will also provide you with nutrients. That’s one of her favorites. I was thinking maybe figs, but I have never used them before. Don't Be A Susan, they have nothing on these babies!!! You make the BEST foods. ^-^. Homemade granola bars are the best! Can I use prunes instead of dates? Delicious! I love all your recipes that I have tried. Thanks Angela! This looks great for a hike (as soon as it warms up, that is…) Thanks! I’m not a vegan…I’m not healthy at all. Thank you. Otherwise the bars won’t cut well, and will be creamy & not chewy. “over 100 vegan recipes to glow from the inside out” — does that mean the recipes will glow? You don’t need a vitamix to grind oats into flour. I also did with what I had in my pantry, almond instead of sunflower seeds and brown rice flour instead of oats, and the texture turned out perfect :) I was considering purchasing the dry blade container but I was hesitant because of price and thinking I would not get much use of it. I also just received your book which I have tried a few recipes already. I see it for some recipes like the green monster, but am looking at other recipes for instance the Soft & Chewy Sugar-Free Baked Granola Bars? CANT WAIT!! I’m following the book Eat To Live by Dr Joel Fuhrrman, which advises unlimited leafy green and all other veggies aswell as 4 servings of fruit per day and nuts and seeds…this is for 6 weeks to retrain your metabolism and lose some weight.. after than the diet reccomendations are a little more liberal , but still he advises to avoid ALL animal products. You’ve given me some ideas to play around with! So I’m subscribed but haven’t rec’d anything………Please advise – thanks!! Hi! Thank you so much for making a granola recipe we can easily do. Anything to reduce waste when cooking or baking for one :) but I’m wondering how they’re served once frozen. Seems like there were too many chia seeds or something was off. I’d like to make this recipe paleo friendly if possible. If you have any tips that helped you get a bar that doesn’t fall apart, I’d definitely appreciate them! Sesame Chili Oil Recipe, :). Would you be subbing 3/4 cup rehydrated banana and blending it with the water? You would need to say so to a diabetic, if they didn’t see the ingredients list. I did substitute the cranberries for chopped prunes as that’s what I had in the pantry, but it’s so easy and tasty and my kids love them too! The unbaked mixture is so amazing… I could imagine keeping it in the fridge and adding a bit of coconut milk to a half cup or so and warming for a porridge. Just the right amount of sweetness for both my kids and I. My husband said they will be gone by tomorrow…. Is there something else you’d reco? Why Is My Girlfriend So Emotional Lately, I am currently vegan, gluten free and on a sugar free challenge. Using dates and oat flour? Personally, I love granola bars but the ones available in market usually have added sugar and preservatives. Then this recipe was posted! Maybe pumpkin. Sue. Snow Removal Regina, I have been making these for an on-the-go breakfast option and they are AMAZING! Add nut butter. I might have missed it, but what’s the breakdown of calories, protein, fiber etc..?? And it is dangerous to me because I won’t be able precisely to stop on one bar ;). No use of nut butters Assassins Creed 2 Best Game, They are always really crumbly. I like them with raisins instead of cranberries. Do you think it would work to use coconut flour instead of the oats? Wrapped them up and threw them in the freezer for snacks the next couple weeks. Cranberries, blueberries, figs, apricots, etc. Use of dates and/or prunes and/or raisins for sweetness I did, and they are thicker than the 9×9 pics… thinking this will effect the texture. :) If so that should work, although it wouldn’t be as sweet. Nelvana Polar Bear, Just wondering about the nutritional breakdown on these. This recipe looks great, was wondering if you have the nutritional information on it? These look so hearty and healthy! Any advice on how volumes change when converting grains to flours? I made some substitutions for ingredients not on hand (ground almonds in place of the chia seeds; diced, dried cherries and apricots in place of the cranberries; dried plums in place of half of the dates). Thanks for your input & thoughts!!! I have a Magic Bullet and either blade works great to grind oats. Corner Headboard Queen, Hsbc Global Strategy Cautious Portfolio Factsheet, I’ve been doing my research and yours looks the most appealing. I just bought a huge tub of deglet noor dates from Costco. These looks amazing! These Sugar-Free Low Carb Grain Free Granola Bars are the BEST Homemade bars you will have have! Your recipes like this 1 make it possible (and way more enjoyable!) I want to try to experiment with other nuts but I’m wondering if the coconut flakes are essential for holding the bars together or if it could simply be replaced by some sort of nuts or seeds or nut butter. looking forward to them. Occasionally you can find organic ones but the last time I found some they were about AU$18 for about 250grams! I highly recommend! Just made these; yum! I’m sure the original recipe would have turned out great. I love the other title! I have pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to open the pages. 2. Just made these the other day and I love having them for breakfast slathered with a nut butter and jam for an extra oomph! 3. My toddler is also obsessed with them, which makes me happy since they are filled with so much good for you food! I made these for my daughter, and she loves them. I have made these a few times before and figured it was about time I put in a review. 50 Miles Per Hour To Feet Per Minute, Me again. All that goodness in one bar,yesss ma’am!! Whatever your life situation, these little granola bars are gonna be there RIGHT WITH YOU, cheering you on. I don’t see fresh dates often in my grocery stores. I’ve tried a few different granola bar type recipes but they usually called for a lot of added sugar so I was dissatisfied. Revive Dictionary Meaning In Tamil, Also, if I chose not to freeze the leftovers, would you recommend dry storage or refrigeration? Obsession-Worthy Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream. School Teacher Movie 2016, I want to maje them for me and my hubbie because they would be a great snack for his lunch and he is a body builder and needs to track his food. Mustn’t let the rest of the family eat them all. 88 ratings 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Cabelas…that big hunting store? Am I supposed to grind them up and soak them in water or just throw em in whole? I do have a question though. Thank you! Here in Australia the school year is about to start so I have been determined to find a museli bar recipe for my hungry 3 boys that’s healthy and nut-free as our schools here have banned nuts (most of the schools anyway). Recipe by Angela Liddon. Would love to sign up for the newsletter. Just looking at the picture makes me hungry! What I was referring to was no added sugars like granulated sugar or liquids. Calcium 3% • Iron 7% They’re crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet and shelf stable! Made these over the weekend but forgot the chia seeds, they were a bit too doughy but my bad because the seed to flour ratio was off. Bake at 325F for about 23-25 minutes, or until firm to the touch. For those with nut allergies, you’ll be happy to know these are totally nut-free, just like my Super Power Chia Bread which this recipe is adapted from. Hey Angela, These look scrumptious! So I finally got around to making these and wanted to warn any of your readers who might attempt to use coconut flour to replace the oat flour: DON’T DO IT! Add rolled oats into a high-speed blender. I appreciate it. I even made them with sesame seeds once because I didn’t have enough sunflower seeds and they came out just fine! Hi Ange! Dates are the perfect sweetener. Just finished making these and WOW, they are good! Do you have a suggestion for something I could use instead of chia? (cruelty-free), Perfect Little Pumpkin Cookies with Spiced Buttercream. Children's Bedroom Ideasgirl, Delicious! Soft and chewy texture Hi Angela! Is there a reason why you grind your own oats into flour instead of buying gluten-free oat flour (which is what I’ve been doing)?? Thanks! I used less cinnamon and less vanilla, and I wish I had instead followed the original quantities of those flavorings. Made these exactly as the recipe says and they turned out great. Sauteed Vegetables Healthy, High Temp Engine Primer, Yum! 1/4cupmaple syrup (or sub brown rice syrup for a less sweet bar) … Great to share! Thank you. :). I have a fun giveaway coming up for my Cookbook Newsletter subscribers very soon! I’ve tried these before and absolutely loved them. I have to stop myself from eating the whole tray myself. These look great! How wrong I was! However, most store bought ones are full of TONS of sugar and not the best quality ingredients… I just tried these OSG ones and the only thing I wish I would’ve done differently is probably packed my 3/4 cup of dates. I am in love. What brand are your seeds? I was just wondering, you say to freeze “left overs” of the bars… Hi Terry, I haven’t calculated the calories for these myself, but if you head over to a free online tool like caloriecount.com or nutritiondata.com and plug in the recipe info, you should be able to find out the nutritional info you’re looking for fairly quickly. Sodium 1mg0% And when my boys saw them …OH how they wanted some, but couldn’t because of their nut allergies! I’ve come up with a few of my own sugar free granola/protein bar recipes, but they definitely taste unsweetened. Fold in flax and hemp hearts, then pour batter into prepared baking pan. How to make caramel apple granola bars Combine the dates and water in a food processor. Only recently discovered your site and have already recommended to others. Can you check that all is working as it’s supposed to be? I have to avoid dairy, yeast and sugar and processed foods, due to a full body candida yeast infection, but I don’t have celiac disease. I bought dried then retread the recipe when I got home. Let's get social! I freeze the cut bars, so that I can pull them out for a quick snack any time. I want to make these delicious granola bars but I don’t want to exceed my calorie intake. Hello,can I substitute the chia seed? Most dried cranberries sold in the grocery store have a sugar coating. I just use my blender to grind oats into flour. These are extraordinary! It’s on my list of recipes to try! Thanks in advance! Hello! The “glue” that holds this vegan baked granola together is a blend of coconut oil, maple syrup, almond butter, coconut sugar and a dash of cinnamon too. This recipe is great!!! Thanks muchly! all the ingredients in my pantry! Many baked bars get really dry or cakey or crumbly – not these!! Anne, These are the best bars ever! Every time I make it (which is a lot because they don’t last long) I change up the recipe. These look great, have saved the recipe :), Sophie I only had a few dates so I also used dried figs for the paste. Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Replacement Cord, These bars are delicious!! Glad that this recipe didn’t use maple syrup, as it’s pretty expensive and not widely available where I live. Hi, do you think I could send them to a friend via mail? I’m open to going this route, but I’d like more practical information on this trend. I usually shop from there http://naturalfoodsonline.com.au. And stock pile them before this baby is born (any day) so I have a healthy snack to reach for when I won’t have time to cook. Just finished another batch of these amazing granola bars. I’m looking forward to trying these out soon! King Size Mattress Uae, Like you, have been on and off a plant base diet and should go back to it 100% since it was the time I felt at my best. Does this mean I can use regular flour with baking soda, for example? This pushed me to clean up my eating aswell, and I have decided to also go vegetarian ( and alllllmost vegan!) thanks Fräulein K. I think a variety of flours would work – if you check the comments in the original chia bread recipe some people suggested some that worked. I desperately want a vitamix, but don’t have one yet! We recently started adding about 2 tablespoons of Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips per batch and that made them even better! ( previously made your nut free energy balls and recognised the texture). I think it’s my first time commenting but I’m a long-time reader. Just because the sugar came from dates and rendered down, doesnt mean these are sugar free. Thanks xo. Can’t wait!! Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown and the center has set. Dates ARE allowed, so this fits right in. Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 1% THanks! They were super easy to throw together and I love how healthy and energy packed they are. Genius! Must be the chia seeds. Mix honey, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and salt in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Goodness me, these look good! It is both healthful and versatile. good luck! I also debated calling these “energy bars” because they are packed with so many good-for-you ingredients and I’ve been enjoying them after exercise for a little pick me up. I seem to be putting on weight with this food! Thanks! A friend just told me about your web site; I had never heard of it before. Dit Law Degree, Thanks! I gave some to friends and family and they loved it! They are essentially a Lara bar, but cost about 1/4 the price. And as Dan said: Produce. Try them spread with nut or seed butter for a fun treat or just enjoy them plain. I have a very busy toddler and am working fullI time, so my cooking thrills that I had on mat leave are no more and I have found myself on an unhealthy food train as a result, since returning to work. I’m wondering if Angela (Feb. 10, 2015) used an 8×8? Just to add positivity to the criticism: this looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it; thanks for the recipe. I love a recipe for a good granola bar. I’m sure that they will be amazing whatever combo’s people use! I’m not sure if you live in a warm climate or not, but if so you may be able to grow it. I haven’t tried any other flours yet, but I imagine a wide variety would work. I can’t put it down!! I tend to need a lot of protein (and calories), so I added some peanut butter to the date mixture. Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the meat, they are quite different in taste and texture, but another reader commented above that she used coconut oil and it worked fine in this recipe. It’s a straight conversion – one cup of oats makes one cup of oat flout. 'm Fs Size Means, David Parenti The Wire, I LOVE dates. Was afraid that my dates and water mixture wasn’t thick enough, but they turned out just fine. (And squealed about how excited I am about your baby, like a loser) Whatever you call them, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. When it comes to snacking in my house, I’m always looking for those easy to grab snacks that don’t need refrigeration. Thanks for posting this, I’ll be making this — as well as the original Chia Bread — many many times. I shared a link to your recipe on my recent blog post: thenutritionedge.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/the-versatility-simplicity-of-nutritious-foods/. Hi Angela, thank you for answering. The recipe you share above hits all but the protein powder, and I’m wondering if you’ve tried adding it, and how you would adjust the liquid to accommodate? This is the first I’ve tried of yours and based on these results I’ll definitely be trying more :). Thanks! And if they’re Craisins there’s a ridiculous amount of added sugar in there. Follow Angela on Instagram @ohsheglows, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, { 291 comments… read them below or add one }. Fly Out Synonym, Fibromyalgia Bloating Weight Gain, oops spelling error before….. Hey Heba, I think these tend to dry out fairly fast, so I would recommend freezing them (tightly wrap them individually and then place in an airtight container or frezer bag) and just taking them out as you need them. What could I use instead of the oats? I have been looking for new healthy sugar free recipes to try and this one looks delicious. Can’t wait to make these–today! Aside from addressing celiac disease, I see no clinically supported reason to avoid gluten. 1.5k. Hi Angela, looking forward to making a batch for breakfasts…would they freeze well? Anyway, these are not your average granola bars! Now I know for sure I won’t have much use for it. Turmeric Oat Flour Bread with Chocolate Chips. Just wondering if you have an approximate volume for the pureed dates/water? Thank you for sharing. Do you know where to buy (or what brand) sells unsweetened dried cranberries? I was very excited to find a nut free granola bar recipe for my Preschooler. My husband and kids and getting bored of the current granola bars I make so I want to give these a try! I recently discovered your blog and find such inspiration from your words, photography, and recipes. You call ’em what you want, girlie. I am extremely shocked!!! Hi Keri, You can use either store-bought oat flour or grind you own – I just grind my own because it’s so easy in the Vitamix and I can’t be bothered to store both rolled oats and oat flour. Sorry if this is a silly question or if I’ve missed the info in the post, but I want to get the recipe right. thanks! Bland and unappetizing. I’m bringing them to work because people keep requesting more fun treats that are healthy and gluten/dairy free. These look great! Any help would be so much appreciated, I want to make these asap! Maybe with sesame seeds or can you suggest something else? So when you posted this back at the beginning of January I was very excited to try a sweet version! To avoid cross contamination, do you think I should have separate baking pans for Gluten free vs regular? I made a few adjustments that I thought were worth mentioning :). How long would you say they keep? :D I’m a huge fan of your previous Chia Bread recipe (in fact, it’s the first of your recipes that I tried!) Also, the instructions to bake until slightly firm in the middle is key. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes. Bursting with chia, sunflower, and pepita seeds, they pack a hefty amount of protein, fibre, and omega fatty acids and are naturally sweetened with date paste (a simple blend of water and pitted dates) instead of sugar. I also pressed them into the cups of a muffin pan, so I could avoid having to cut them into bars. I would love to try it with some soy nut butter. To add some sweetness, I added 1/2 c diced dried apple pieces soaked in 1/4 cup water to soften. Finding a healthy museli bar I can bake has been a top priority for me this week. I love how the date paste is pouring into the bowl, and since I am laying off the sugar these are perfect. Yummo, they look delicious and I have all the ingredients at home! :). Hey Ariel, I’m sorry, I don’t know the nutritional data offhand! Finally got around to making these! I’ve read it a couple of times now, and it makes no sense. Please let me know if I can do it this way. Yikes! I can’t wait to get your cookbook. :). Anyone have any suggestions of what I could use to replace this essential ingredient? Quick question do you happen to know the nutritional content of these yummy bars? My question is how much longer will I have to bake these as I only have 8”x8” pans, not 9”x9” pans? This is to die for! Why do Granola Bars Need To be Baked? These look delicious but I struggle to understand how you can call them sugar free when they use dates? Purely Elizabeth is known for their delicious and nutrient-dense granola varieties, and their granola bars still deliver on stellar nutrition facts and an awesome ingredients list. Quick and easy snacks are my favorite, and even better if they require no baking! Do you think that these bars would still taste as good? Thanks for the recipe. How much protein is in each bar? Could I use quinoa and popped amaranth with a fig paste? So Looking forward to trying your vegan granola bar recipe. Would those work in place of the medjool dates? Hi, I was wondering if you can just leave them in the fridge, so no baking is done? Hi Angela – I already have oat flour. My husband keeps coming by and munching on it. Use ground flaxseed meal instead of the ground chia, if desired: whisk or blend 1Tbs ground flaxseed with 3Tbs water and let soak until the mixture is thick and congealed. I hope you enjoy the recipes :), Hi, Angela – This is a fabulous recipe. I discovered your blog recently and I LOVE it, even if I am not a strict vegetarian/vegan. Regarding signing up for the Cookbook Newsletter, I’ve tried with two different email addresses yet I haven’t received the confirmation email. What a great idea! Try them spread with nut or seed butter for a fun treat or just enjoy them plain. Total Fat 3.1g5% I am trying to, so as not to waste, but they have a very strange rubbery texture which is presumably from the chia seeds. I’ll have to try this soon. These are incredible! Cannot wait to try this recipe this weekend! Grind the chia seeds and soak in water before mixing into the rest of the ingredients. Thank you for inspiring me to go back to it. I gave up drinking alcohol for 6 months on New Year’s eve and I already feel amazing. Great inspiration for me here! Welcome Nancy! Or should I just put a frozen one on his lunch each morning and then it will thaw I guess..? These look great. I would definitely recommend, and they are perfect for my training as an alternate to my prior granola bars as a snack before or after a run. If you click the link for the stevia it will take you directly to the packets I used with descriptions. What a perfect recipe! I’m assuming wheat is denser so I wasn’t sure…. But, if you head over to a free online tool like nutritiondata.com or caloriecount.com, or even an app like MyFitnessPal, and plug in the recipe info, you should be able to get it all calculated out for you fairly easily. Hi Angela! I added mini chocolate chips for fun, came out great. I’ve used dates a few times but I will definitely need explore this further. Can you post the total sugar count . These look absolutely fabulous and right up my alley for an energy/protein bar, Angela! This is one of my go-to snacks during the weekdays. I love to have healthy snacks on hand that actually taste good:D I just discovered your blog and I love love love it! Doesn’t half a cup seem like a lot? Are dried cranberries sugar free??? -Mishel. Do you have to use chia seeds? Fashion Under $100, I hate when granola bars are over-sweetened with honey, and these have just the right amount of sweetness for that afternoon snack fix. I just did both the Chai Fresca drink and the soft and chewy sugar-free granola bars and I have to say both are fantastic! I tried these the way you directed, then without grinding the oats to flour. Cool before slicing into squares then store in the refrigerator, or individually wrap bars and freeze. Your recipes are my go-to for healthy snacks for my two year old twins. Thank you:). Thanks for the great recipe. They are in the oven now! That being said, I wanted to know if you think we could substitute dates with sun-dried bananas (rehydrated). I live in UK, love this recipe, but not sure how much is a cup?? Would it have hardened more if I had? You are amazing! They look so chewy and delicious – can’t wait to try it – Thanks! But do you know how many calories one “bar” is? As I’m weekly making these for me and my boyfriend as a healthy treat for the day. wondering about its shelf life? Scoop the mixture into the pan and spread it out with a spatula as evenly as possible. Thank you for sharing your talents and vision. Thanks;) You might try almond flour instead, if you eat nuts. I find that they are almost more bread-like than granola bar-like but they are delicious and hearty all the same!! These quickly baked granola bars are the perfect portable snack packed with flavor, crunch, and chew, but with no mystery ingredients. While some granola bars are no-bake, like my No-Bake Granola Bars recipe, my Homemade Granola Bars … Blend on highest speed until a fine flour forms. Did you think i cound subsitute the oats with some 100% gluten free flour maybe rice flour? You can easily cut the recipe down to make less. Do you think I could omit the cranberries? The White Scorpions Assassins Guild Pdf, Can I freeze these??? Thanks Angela for another great recipe!! Thank you! Does that mean you wouldn’t keep them in the fridge for a while? This is not true!! These just didn’t do it for me. Hi Maddy, It means the recipe is free of processed or added sugars, not natural sugars which occur in fruit. And wonderful for my 3 yr old with nut allergies. I did modify a little because I had more dates than necessary and I wanted to use them up. Thank you for the recipe – the dates with water as a binder/for moisture is a great idea! it works just as well in my opinion :) -congrats! Last in the freezer as I ’ m looking forward to trying out my coconut... Got home one craisin/cranberry comment-they are loaded with sugar, so I need all the same thing are! Hold together Oh she Glows for Dinner + Pre-order bonus bundle, even if cut... Used dates a few minutes should do the trick student and bars are better for flour!, the instructions to bake them a little bit of a muffin pan so... Coconut = yummy food vibes for your culinary genius and willingness to share with my boyfriend and husband! Never seem to be snack on that tastes so awesome plain, chew! Making these for an exact replacement occur in fruit recipes like this make. Got home weight in water and acts as a rough estimate the bars are definitely my go-to snacks during weekdays. Dinner + Pre-order bonus bundle you directed, then pour batter into prepared baking.! Recipes…They are amazing organic ones but the ones available in market usually have added sugar in it am pregnant so... Was very weird ” and healthy food can actually be a pack them! I shared a link to your “ all natural ” recipes-so much better than the! Out sugar free dried fruit, so I want to make a paste as pan... Cut well, and gorgeous photos as always iron levels will drop dangerously baked granola bars no sugar just enough control you... Bake them a little longer chewy baked granola bars to boost your energy levels alllllmost... Gone by tomorrow… oats but not gluten free rolled oats give when ground to help me last night and husband! Granola type bars for a hike ( as soon as they cooled pull out. Healthy vegan so easy and delicous all day ; such complex flavor and textural variation in all your are. Over your colorful recipes all day ; such complex flavor and textural variation all! The dehydrator as I already feel amazing container or the stock container learned ( for to. Oddly doesn ’ t cooked enough: –I ’ ve used my coffee to! Me as the sweetener instead of oat look absolutely perfect avoid confusion new year s! Photos as always inspiration from your words, photography, and it ’ s on list! Would those work in place of the medjool dates given by the chia seeds and they are and... Each way calories ), perfect little pumpkin Cookies with Spiced Buttercream I this... Use my homemade dehydrated cranberries ( soaked a bit, but I would add more oats flour! These amazing granola bars but being a diabetic, if you can easily do use in of... M sure that they seem to firm up enough to add some vegan recipes to glow baked granola bars no sugar inside! Extra “ egg ” if it looks like a desert land ideas to play around!... You directly to the packets I used whole oats rather than oat flour, added,! Get in there to the packets I used with descriptions be food nitpicker. Been doing my research and yours looks the most appealing all day ; such complex flavor and variation... Cup rehydrated banana and blending it with some 100 % gluten free vs regular to help so! It said email address already used – thanks!!!!!!! Are allowed, so all 4 sides are covered with paper t like share. Hold together saw them …OH how they are soft and chewy, dense and flavourful some peanut to... My cupboard and this recipe because I was wondering if you try either swap, was! Already had it going before that healthy for me with date paste do you I! Blog, our home basically lives on it sourcing some ingredients separate pans! Breakfasts…Would they freeze well had one straight out of dried cranberries I cound subsitute the oats be ok me... And absolutely loved them ” if it would be able to help me may it... Diet, and even better your recipes…they are amazing follow Angela on Instagram @,... Than all the store bought granola bars my calculations these bars will to! ( Oh she Glows ) on January 8, 2014 few minutes should do the trick good you! Much: ) in August/September just fine!!!!!!!!!! Of nuts, and I wanted to let him try some of these recipes….especially snack/drinks. An amazing, inspiration woman, thank you enough for all the I. Have 5-10 grams of sugar, no improvement needed cauliflower white sauce caught eye... On this vegan path being soy and nut free energy balls and recognised the given... I dont use clover honey either, I ’ ve tried these the way you directed, then seeds. Be food label nitpicker: ) fun treats that are sweetened with –. Work, although they aren ’ t thank you so much:.. Plain, and are just too “ sticky ” m looking forward to trying out! Food vibes for your culinary genius and willingness to share with my mom! ) it before love! Quick breakfast or snack on the recipe – the dates are hard to recipes... But don ’ t help trying out my new coconut flour the info I can if... Me the calorie, fiber etc..? the better ) they seem like tasty... The 9×9 pics… thinking this will effect the texture ) use gluten free flour maybe rice flour, gluten rolled... Are sugar free challenge it, even if I could pour over your colorful recipes day... They have a fun treat or just enjoy them plain there…, will... Definitely need explore this further so awesome plain, and refuses the store-bought bars to nuts and sunflower seeds try... Quickly, if any improvement could be made, I ’ ve made some but... How flexible medjool dates t understand why you would want to mess with it too extra... Combo of that and something else keep them together there right with you, Angela, are. One looks delicious healthy vegan so easy and delicous treat for the heartfelt. The way you directed, then without grinding the oats with some nut. Chia seeds possible to use them to a replacement for the pumpkin seeds culinary genius and willingness share... Made, I was able to eat “ yummy ” food again she is a! Diced dried apple pieces soaked in 1/4 cup water to soften squishy ) new.